Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Link Between Periodontal Disease and Cardiovascular Disease

We used to view the mouth as an entirely separate entity from the rest of the body. However, we now view it in a more holistic way. If your foot has an infection, well, then so does your body. The blood transports bacteria and toxins throughout the entire bloodstream. Everything is connected.

Studies have shown that there is a relationship between Periodontal Disease and Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease. Researchers have identified biologic factors, such as chronic inflammation that independently link periodontal disease to the development or progression of cardiovascular disease. The American Heart Association confirms the published conclusions and statements of the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) and the American Journal of Cardiology.

The exact mechanism is not completely understood. The relationship is likely mediated by numerous factors. Both disease processes are complex. Additional studies are needed to better understand the link. The American Heart Association’s statement brings attention to the association between the two diseases and the need for additional research.

Adequate oral hygiene is not only important if you desire to keep your teeth, it may prevent premature death from cardiovascular complications. Visit your dentists and physicians regularly to maintain your overall health.

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