Monday, December 24, 2012

All I Want For Christmas is....My Two Front Teeth

All I Want for Christmas is…My Two Front Teeth

More than likely you have heard the lyrics to the Christmas song “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth.” While this song is written from the perspective of a small child who has lost their primary teeth (baby teeth), sung with a slight lisp, and meant to be humorous, the song is right on the money when it comes to missing teeth. Every year I hear this song and think about how this song really hits on the inconveniences of living without teeth.

Few things can ruin a person’s self-esteem and confidence as quickly as losing a tooth, especially in the front. Often people take their teeth for granted until they lose them. The cost of preventative care and restorations can be minimal when compared with the cost of replacing teeth or the inconvenience or embarrassment of living without them. 

People are often more concerned about losing teeth in the front of their mouths, because people can see them. However, they don’t seem as concerned about losing teeth in the back. All teeth are important for different reasons. It is important to remember that the mouth is the beginning of the digestive tract. Our digestive tract is how we nourish our bodies. Moreover, food and dining serve as a great source of pleasure at many social functions and in our lives.
Teeth serve a variety functions:

1. Chew and digest food

2. Help us enunciate our words and communicate

3. Help us to smile

4. Serve as lip and cheek support

5. In more primitive times and even in emergency cases, teeth are used for defense

6. Provide a multitude of social advantages

Every time we lose a tooth the remaining teeth must pick up the slack. Think of teeth like studs in a wall. When a stud is removed the remaining studs bear much of the weight and over time the integrity and strength of wall is diminished and eventually those remaining studs succumb to that added stress. Losing teeth is much like this. Every tooth is important and every tooth serves a purpose even if it cannot be seen when a person smiles.

You may be like many others who believe replacing teeth in the back is not a necessity if they cannot be seen. Consider this…If you lose all or a majority of your teeth in the back (posterior teeth) and you don’t replace them you will be relying on the teeth in the front to“chew” your food. Front teeth (anterior teeth) are not meant to chew food, but rather to bite off bite-size portions. Eventually this added stress and misuse of the front teeth will wear them down which will more than likely lead to premature tooth loss.

The next time you hear the Christmas song “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth” think about how important your teeth are. Think about how that child in the song, during the wonderment of Christmas amidst the toys, candies and goodies …wants teeth!

Written by: Carrie Owens

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