Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Botox Parties: Are They Safe?

Most people want to stay young. Botox is a great tool in helping you keep your face young.

In recent years, BOTOX® parties have become quite trendy. Botox parties are sometimes held in private homes and are not much different than Pampered Chef® parties. They are also held in beauty salons and in clinical settings such as a doctor's office.

This topic has become quite heated. There are many so called "beauty experts" that hold these parties. The problem here is that these self proclaimed experts have very limited knowledge of the facial anatomy. They see a wrinkle and proceed to simply administer Botox in these areas. Botox inhibits muscular contraction. So, when a muscle is injected, the muscle will relax. This can provide the desired effects. However, when the wrong muscles relax, the facial features may appear to be deformed or asymmetrical.

Many doctors including myself discourage the administration of Botox in an uncontrolled setting performed by inadequately trained people. Some things to consider are:
  • Does the provider have a thorough understanding of the facial anatomy?
  • Does the provider have a thorough understanding of the medicaments being administered?
  • Does the provider have adequate record keeping and follow up protocol?
  • Do they review your medical history?
  • Does the provider provide informed consent?
  • Are there any privacy issues?
  • Does the provider have a license or credentials to administer medicaments?
  • Does the provider know how to deal with complications?
  • Is there alcohol being consumed at these parties?
  • Is the product being administered counterfeit Botox?
  • Is the facility clean and safe?
In summary, Botox parties are very safe in the hands of competent and credentialed practitioners. However, in the hands of a "beauty professional" at a random party or at the neighborhood salon offering cheap prices, you are rolling the dice.

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