Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Since we are about to amass large caches of candy, we can't fight the candyfest. We all know that candy can be detrimental to our oral health, but what we don't all know is that some candies are much worse than others.

Which candies are the worst? 

In general, candies that have the consistency of taffy or caramel are particularly bad. The reason why is that these types of candy adhere to the teeth. The exposure time of the sugars being metabolized by bacteria is dramatically increased. This predictably leads to a much higher incidence of decay.

Another major generalization or categorization of the type of candy is one that is in the mouth for prolonged periods of time. Some examples include suckers, hard candy and gum. Prolonged sugar exposure as we now all know is particularly bad for our teeth.

I can't reasonably believe that I can convince anyone including myself to not eat candy. Our kids will definitely be much more difficult to convince. Try to pry the Holloween booty from your kids fingers.

Since we're going to eat candy anyway, consider brushing and flossing within a reasonable amount of time. Brushing and flossing within the first 5 minutes will go a long way towards the prevention of tooth decayIf you cannot brush for some reason, then rinsing with water will provide some benefit.

To summarize, avoid or decrease the consumption of sticky candies and candies that sit in the mouth for extended periods. When consuming these types of candies, make every effort to remove the sugars from your teeth as soon as possible since most of the damage will occur with the first 20 minutes.

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