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Many of us want to find the Fountain of Youth. More Americans than ever are trying to maintain their youthful appearance. California is well known for their vanity. I know, I lived in Los Angeles for the first 18 years of my life. Now, where I practice near St Louis, just as nearly anywhere else in the US, people are equally concerned about their appearance.

In dentistry, we are mostly concerned with the youthful appearance of teeth. However, we cannot overlooked the face if we want to truly achieve a more youthful appearance. 

As teeth are worn, the face will appear to shorten thereby creating unwanted wrinkles. We will often see the corners of the mouth develop a downward line that gives the appearance of a frown--even when the person is smiling.  But the muscles around the face also influence the development and progression of wrinkles. We can do something about this.

Treatment with Juvederm

Treatment with Juvederm

By placing Juvederm just under the skin, we fill in unwanted lines that will not disappear when the muscles are relaxed. This is commonly done in the wrinkles around the nose and mouth. Juvederm is material that is incredibly safe and well tolerated. The effect will typically last about a year.

When we have wrinkles that will disappear by simply relaxing the muscles, we have the option of using Botox. Botox simply prevents the muscles from contracting, thereby eliminating the lines that are formed by their contraction.

Treatment with Botox

If you choose to pursue this type of treatment, ensure that it is performed by a well trained health-care provider that is well versed in the anatomy of the face. This will ensure that only the desired muscles are relaxed. 

I must also mention that the worst two things someone can do to their skin is smoke and expose themselves to excessive UV radiation (sun and tanning booths). It amazes me how many people want to retain their youth, but instead accelerate the aging process with these two things.

Stay Young!

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