Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pulling Teeth--What to Expect

At some point in people's lives, a tooth may need to be pulled. This can certainly cause much anxiety. I will briefly describe the process and attempt to alleviate any fears.

Here is what to expect:

Before the actual tooth is pulled, there are measures taken to ensure a positive experience. Medications are often given to create a feeling of relaxation. Anesthetic gels are used prior to the administration of anesthetic agents to ensure pain is completely blocked. The anesthetic will usually kick in within about 5-10 minutes.

I typically inform everyone what to expect prior to initiating treatment. I mention that there should not be any sensation of pain whatsoever. If someone were to experience pain, I tell them to inform me immediately. You don't have to be tough. You just need to be numb.

We can eliminate the sensation of pain, but we cannot eliminate the sensation of touch or pressure. So, I will let the patient know ahead of time that they will feel pressure. The reasoning for this is that if they are anxious and not told what to expect, they may interpret the pressure as pain. Once that happens, It may be difficult to convince them that it is only pressure.

In addition, I inform them that they may hear some noises. This is especially true when removing wisdom teeth since they are in close proximity to the ears. Hearing noises in our mouths can be scary. Things that occur within our mouths tend to sound louder than they really are such as when we eat certain foods like potato chips. Simply knowing that there may be noises and not have them come as a surprise is all that is necessary to alleviate most people's fears.

Most of the time sutures are not required. In most cases, Ibuprofen is all that is required for pain control. If Ibuprofen does not alleviate the pain adequately, then a narcotic pain medication can be taken.

Oral and written instructions are given to avoid any complications such as "dry sockets". The vast majority of patients recover quite well with minimal discomfort.

If the extractions are performed under sedation, the patient will typically have no memory of the procedure.

In conclusion, pulling teeth should not be a big ordeal. The worst part of it is often the anticipation of a negative experience. Most often, the experience is quite positive. I know, many of you reading this may think this is absurd, but it is actually true that most patients do quite well.

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