Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Resolution to Floss and Keep Your Teeth

Since we have just begun a new year, most of us have new goals and resolutions. The problem however, is that many of us never follow through.

In order to increase your chances of following through, I suggest four ideas:
  1. Make it something you really want
  2. Commitment
  3. Tell others
  4. Progress not perfection
My first suggestion is to make it something you truly want. Let me repeat that, it has to be something you really want! 

For example, many people want to lose weight. If you mistakenly make the resolution about giving something up rather than something you'll gain, it will make your resolution more challenging. Don't focus on giving up candy. Instead, focus on having good health and the physique you want.

The next suggestion is to commit! Without commitment, you will not achieve your goals. How many people say they want to lose weight, yet they don't do the things necessary with fanatical discipline to achieve their ideal weight. Some of you may be thinking, yeah but this or that or some form of excuse. If you don't reach your goal, you're simply making excuses to bail out or assign blame to a source outside of yourself.

Telling others what your goals are may help hold us accountable. The person least likely to hold us accountable is often ourselves. It's too easy to make excuses. Develop the mentality of "No Excuses".

The fourth idea that can prove helpful is to focus on progress and not perfection. We may hit bumps or obstacles that can derail us. Get back on the horse when you fall and focus on what you've accomplished. There is a concept of "The Horizon". If our goal is to reach the horizon, we may travel great distances to get there. However, we will never reach the horizon. Look at your progress, celebrate it, and continue towards the horizon.

Since I'm a dentist, my obligatory challenge to you is about your teeth. I challenge you and encourage you to floss daily. Now, no one want to floss. But, most of us want to keep our teeth. Focus on the idea of keeping your teeth (not flossing). Commit to keeping your teeth. Tell others that you plan on keeping all your teeth for life. If you forget to floss occasionally, it's okay. Just keep flossing.

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